Phantom of the Opera: The Timeless Musical Show

The Phantom of Opera is Broadway’s greatest running hit. This performance is based on the 1910 horror novel by Gaton Leroux. It has been adopted in a countless number of films. Broadway,s Phantom showcases musicals with captivating storylines. These shows with fancier choreography feature a great collection of songs. There have been thousands of Broadway performances. But the one staged through 22nd January at Detroit Opera House is the greatest in terms of numbers. It is a special performance as any event in modern Broadway galore. The phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in the history of Broadway by a wide margin. This is the most financially successful entertainment to date.

Spicy Sets

This new edition of phantom performance features new, magnificent sets. The set comes to life when the tittle lands on the ceiling or becomes static. A chain of stairs appears leading all the way down to the stage. It is a phenomenal visual whose effect on people like this mofos discount remains constant. These types of touches spice the show throughout the evening. This keeps your eyes glued to the stage in all instances. Apart from the sweeping staircase, there is a captivating sight of the subterranean gondola. Its a show of unending entertainment that the audience wishes to last forever.

Wild and Luminous Elements

The proceedings feature a sea world element just like any famous theme park. Here a giant whale emerges from the water and can splash water to any patron in the first rows. There is also a show stop chandelier which appears to be a mixture of light fixtures in the first place, somewhat ugly. But in the initial stages of the show, the chandelier descends slowly towards the crowd.

It’s a very thrilling phenomenon especially for people sitting in the front row. This chandelier then stops, sheds its blinding exterior, and transforms into a glistening ball of light. This gives an experience of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. This chandelier will also be seen later in the evening. This time its followed by both shocking and exciting sound effects. It forms a great connection with the Phantom with a mystery that can never be explained fully. The flickers and rising up to the ceiling is very majestic.


This particular show is the best performance of Andrew Webber and Charles Hart’s composition. The phantom of the Opera is a horror show where we expect haunting and beautiful music. The main one is the famous Music of the Night. It is notably the most cherished and highly regarded songs in Broadway history. Derrick Davis, a stage veteran allows the drama to build around the music with patience and intensity. This allows the audience to enjoy each note and syllable.


As always, the performance sufficiently covers all accounts in Gaston’s horror novel. The Phantom follows a deformed composer who haunts the grand Paris Opera House. The composer shuns away from the world in the confines of underground caverns. This lonely composer tutor and composes operas for Christine, a beautiful and young soprano superstar to be. As her star rises a handsome man from her past enters into her life. The Phantom grows insane and terrorizes the opera house and its owners. Despite all these, Christine finds herself drawn to the mystery man.

The story is very complete and very satisfying. It contains all aspects of theater from the action, romance to humor. The story is rounded up by great music when it comes to production. Andrew Webber’s masterpiece has no master plots or unpredictable Reality Kings coupon twists but its a testament of raw beauty and emotion. In any case, the instruments and voices are still enough to offer a memorable experience.